MASD is also doing business as Arizona Disabled Sports

In response to the need to provide sports and activities throughout the state, Arizona Disabled Sports has evolved from Mesa Association of Sports for the Disabled. Established in 1989, MASD has been a forerunner in providing quality sports competitions and leisure activities to athletes and individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities. This organization emulates the philosophy “Let No One Sit On The Sidelines”.

The Association is the only organization in Arizona providing opportunities for people with all types of disability; therefore, the athletes involved with the weekly sports programs have traveled to Mesa from all across the state of Arizona. Athletes and coaches also come from across the United States and other countries to compete in annual events hosted by the Arizona Disabled Sports Organization.

The Arizona Disabled Sports was established as a trade name for MASD in order to better represent the statewide population of which the organization serves. The overall goal of the trade name is to eliminate any confusion from community members, sponsors, coaches or athletes that the MASD programs are strictly for people residing in Mesa or that our programs are restricted to the Mesa area. Arizona Disabled Sports is a trade name for MASD; therefore, Arizona Disabled Sports will not be the new non-profit organization name, but simply another identity for the programs.

Please contact Lane Jeppesen, MASD Executive Director with comments or questions in regards to the new identity of the organization at 480-835-MASD or